Director Statement

I was inspired to make this film because of a recent declaration from UNESCO in the year of 2010 that declared the sport of falconry as a "World Cultural Heritage for all nations". This was a huge victory for the sport of falconry world-wide as it not only gave the sport it's much needed recognition but it has also raised the awareness of our conservation and preservation efforts of birds or prey in general (for example, the role we have played in the restoration of the nearly-extinct peregrine falcon). I also wanted to be the first to share our lifestyle and sport in a way that could be respected and appreciated by the non-falconer mainstream viewer but with great regard to the overall perception to be recieved from the falconry community worldwide. This was no easy task and so far so good as our first test market for the blended audience was a huge success as we recently packed the theatre at a private screening here in Indianapolis. It was well-received by all the members of the falconry community who attended that night.

To all who watch this film, I hope we do not disappoint.

Yours in film,

Cavalier Eddie Brochin
Royal Falconer
Knight of the Portuguese Royal House

Insignia of the Portuguese Royal HouseInsignia of the Portuguese Royal House 2